Boarding Service

Welcome to Round Lake Animal Hospital's, where we provide safe, comfortable, and reliable pet boarding services for your furry family members.

Pet Boarding Services at Round Lake Animal Hospital

A Safe and Secure Environment for Your Pet

At Round Lake Animal Hospital, we provide a safe and secure environment for your pet to stay in while you're away. Our facility is equipped with state-of-the-art security systems and strict protocols to ensure that your pet is safe and secure at all times.

Personalized Care for Your Pet's Needs

We understand that each pet has unique needs, which is why we offer personalized care for each of our pet boarding guests. Our trained professionals provide expert care and attention, ensuring that your pet receives the care and attention they need while staying with us.

Comfortable Accommodations for Your Pet

We know that pets need comfortable accommodations to feel at home, which is why we provide comfortable bedding and spacious play areas for our pet boarding guests. Our facility is equipped with climate control systems, ensuring that your pet is comfortable regardless of the weather outside.

Plenty of Opportunities for Exercise and Socialization

At Round Lake Animal Hospital, we believe that exercise and socialization are essential for your pet's health and well-being. We provide plenty of opportunities for exercise and playtime, as well as socialization with other pets and our trained professionals.

Access to Veterinary Care When Needed

Our pet boarding facility is staffed by trained professionals who are experienced in recognizing and responding to signs of illness or distress in pets. We have access to veterinary care when needed, ensuring that your pet receives the best care possible in the event of an emergency.

A Convenient and Reliable Option for Pet Owners

Pet boarding at Round Lake Animal Hospital is a convenient and reliable option for pet owners who need to leave their pets for any reason. We provide peace of mind knowing that your pet is receiving expert care and attention while you're away.

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